My School’s farewell speech as on 20th January 2015 – The Actual and editted version

Ok, this one is the version which I actually delivered in the school(The previous was planned but not actually delivered).

It’s said that memories are like footprints in the sand which get washed away with the passage of time but I’m sure that the memories spent in this school will never be washed away.

Good Morning Everyone,

Respected Sir Principal, Respected Vice Principal Ma’am, Worthy teachers and all my dear twelthies

I am here to represent my class XII-D on this special occasion.

So, Finally! The day has to come to bid a goodbye to this school and we take this day as an opportunity to thank all our teachers who have played an integral role in bringing us where we are today. You have not only taught us our subjects but also given us some valuable lessons of life. You were always ready to help us and we thank you for being there whenever we needed you.

But, We also know, that there were times when we were being rude, arrogant, and even debated with you foolishly; forgetting that all you said was always for our benefit. We apologize for all that.

We know, we will miss each and every element of this school, but at the same time cherish the memories of our time spent here. And, as we leave, we realize that our emotions are getting mixed up. We are joyous as we are ready to face the challenges of life, and yet, disappointed that we have to leave this school in order to move on in life.

Now, At last, all we have to give you is a hearty thank you! and a tearful goodbye…

Thank You

Now, my friend Navneet will give you the last words(She was the last addresser)

Some Interesting confusions!


1. Can you cry under water?
2. Do fishes ever get thirsty?
3. Why it is called building when it’s already been built?
4. If a poison’s date expires, is it more poisonous or less poisonous?
5. Why don’t birds fall off the trees when they sleep?
6. “I love you” is not a question, then why does it need an answer?
7. Why does round pizza come in square boxes?
8. Why doesn’t glue sticks to its bottle?
9. Camera lenses are round, so why the pictures are square?
10. If money doesn’t grow on trees, why banks have branches?                                                     11. When they say dogs food is new and improved, who tastes it?                                                 12. When I write something, who reads it? Lol!

Haha, Crazy it is!

True Relationship – Lovely Realtionship

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A man comes home drunk, vomits and falls down on the floor.

His Wife gets him up and cleans everything.

Next day when he gets up he expects his wife to be really angry with him.

He braces for a fight, but finds a note near the table

“Honey, your favorite breakfast is ready on the table;

I had to leave early to buy groceries.

I’ll come running back to you, my love.

I love you.”

He was surprised and he asks his son, “What happened last night?”

The Son replies, “When mom got you up to bed and tried removing your boots and shirt, you were
dead drunk and you said,

“Hey Lady! Leave Me Alone. I’m married!!”