You my Boy!



© Kamalpreet Singh, March 31st 2014


You! Be my son so strong,

Don’t engage in anything wrong,

Work right and work hard,

Immorality you must discard,

When you see something not just,

Don’t just watch but fight with thrust.

Long lived aren’t those which have long age,

They’re those who use sword as a sage.

Life itself is the festival of Colors

Hello Guys…


Today is the festival of Holi… and we Indians celebrate it with lots of enthusiasm and energy…. Everybody is delighted and awaits this festival so that they can socialize more with their peers and family through colors…

I, too, used to celebrate Holi with great deal of joy and zeal… That was until the previous year’s Holi when I used to live in my hometown. We used to wake up as early as possible in the morning… Filled up our buckets with waters…  filled water balloons with dark colors and get our friends to join us.. Then we made a tour of the entire city.. meeting every of our known out there in the city… played and enjoyed Holi with them… Even strangers that day become like our peers… Everybody is drowned in colors.. they all seem to be ghosts with every part of their body colored! It’s hard to recognize our friends..We have to look their stature and shape to recognize them 😀

But, this time when I’m in Paonta Sahib… A suburb region away from my hometown… I just woke up late… watched television.. I did not even remember that it was Holi today..! I just came to know through a television advertisement when they wished everybody Happy and Colorful Holi.. I have made a few friends in this new town… But, still I don’t know why I did not wish to celebrate this festival which I used to enjoy earlier..!

I went outside… I saw the view from my Balcony… I saw the mountains all around with different shades of brown, black, and all mixed colors…. Beautiful grasslands and croplands.. filled up greenery… Forests… The white patches of clouds in the massive sky … and the Beautiful river… It’s flow so peaceful… Reflecting the huge sky’s blue color….. Everywhere I looked their was some color.. The wonderful artist has colored our life so well… In that I found out the happiness, the joy, the satisfaction, the beauty even more than I used to experience playing Holi..! 😀

Even though, Happy Holi to everyone 🙂