An Unborn Girl’s Cry: Against Female Feticide

Female Fetecide is a crime against humanity.. We all are talking about women empowerment these days but the fact remains that female foetus are being killed.. It’s no empowerment! Image

© Kamalpreet Singh, 21st December, 2013

God has not yet made the lines on my hand,

And you have announced the judgment of my stand.

Please Dad! Don’t have me killed,

I, too, want to see my build.

Please, Let me join your so social society,

I promise I’ll do work of every variety.

Don’t worry for hiring a maid,

I’ll do work without being paid.

Don’t panic about my schools look,

I’ll self study from my brother’s book.

Dad, please don’t care for my dowry,

I’ll stay with you and will not marry.

I will help you from my childhood,

And support you in your old age as I should.

But, If you still think that I’ll be a burden for you,

Then, please! Don’t spend for this operation too.

I’ll myself tell God and his messenger,

That my family had me surrender.

And, this is what my family has said,

To see me in this world as dead.

So, guys! These are the emotions of many and many little to-be-girls who can’t find a place for themselves in this BIG narrow minded world. Before they can blossom, before they spring to life… Their right to live is snatched away from them.. It’s a heinous crime! So, it’s a humble request to all of you to spread this message as much as you can and as far as you can to stop this saddening – female fetecide!

11 thoughts on “An Unborn Girl’s Cry: Against Female Feticide

  1. Really a heart touching poem sir. Why people don’t think that they themselves are given birth by a girl,I will spread this message of yours as far as possible. Proud of you and your thoughts sir

    • Exactly,

      Guru Nanak Dev ji say:
      || Bhand jamiye, bhand nimiye, bhand mangan viah. Bhando hove dosti bhando challe rah. Bhando muaa bhand bhaliye bhand hove bandhan. So kio manda akhiya jit jame rajan. Bhando hi bhand oopje bhande baaj na koe. Nanak bhande bahara eko sacha soe ||
      From woman, man is born; within woman, man is conceived; to woman he is engaged and married. Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come. When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound. So why call her bad? From her, kings are born. From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all. O Nanak, only the True Lord is without a woman ||

      Proud of your thinking brother.

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