History – In Schools: Useful?


© Kamalpreet Singh, 29th January 2014

History has so many things,
From Akbar, Ashoka to many other kings,
These kings had every sort of might,
But alas, There is none of their sight
There were so many princely kingdom
But none of them is seen any seldom

In the schools why do we need history
We don’t have to explore the old mystery
Why do we learn about things of the past
And the items which don’t long last
So studying about things of the olden
We are wasting our time so golden

I can appreciate history for just a single lesson
That nobody can rule for a very long session
One day everyone will have to depart
Be it Hitler or napoleon Bonaparte.

Examinations Approach: The feeling!


© Kamalpreet Singh, 27th January, 2014

Playgrounds are Vacant,

Evenings are Silent,

We are Busy with Book,

Our Syllabus is so Crook,

We all Children Suffer,

And those Long Notes Buffer,

The Textbooks are Taken,

And we are Early-Morning Awaken,

With Reference-Books & Guides,

And Practical File Besides,

We make Regular visits to the Library,

Due to the Dangerous date sheet in the diary,

Various Doubts and unclear concepts arise,

Seeing the book’s splendid size,

Time is so Less, More is to Learn;

Question Paper is The Biggest Concern,

Examinations are a Serious Threat,

And its Results are Hard to Forget,

In Nightmare Full Moons appear,

God save me from this examination fear.

A Milestone Post! Greetings, Poetry and life!

A very Happy New Year to all my dear wordpress friends and family..!

This is my 50th post on this blog. That completes a half century on this new year day! So, here I want to present a poem that is very truthful!

© Kamalpreet Singh, 1st January, 2014




Life is passing away in ego and discussion,

There is no limit to reach our satisfaction.

We keep on roaming and wandering around,

We find grief in which we get drowned.

It is difficult to swim without submission,

In this impassable sea of greatest Illusion.

We do various things without any excuse, and

Don’t know that they are none of our use.

The fruit we get in life is not granted,

It comes from the seed which we planted.

Nobody can help us in getting liberated,

Other than the lord and his blessings granted.