Wait! Absolute Genius

Wait! Absolute Genius

He was explaining his new theory of relative hydroelectricity and someone asked for demonstration!


Teacher vs. Student: Extremely dangerous


Teacher : What is a verb?
Student : A verb is a valve found in bicycle tyre.

Teacher : What are you saying?.
Student : It is a complete sentence.

Teacher : Are you mad?.
Student : It is a question.

Teacher : Don’t be silly.
Student : It is an advice.

Teacher : Stop that nonsense.
Student : It is a command.

Teacher : You are an idiot.
Student : It is an insult!.

Teacher : Get out of my class.
Student : It is an order!

Teacher : Oh my God! What a shame!
Student : It is an exclamation.

Teacher : May God have mercy on you.
Student : It is a prayer sir!

First time.. I saw a teacher helpless… 😀

Optimism: Learn from a Mosquito


Such a sweet message:

A Baby mosquito came back after its first flying.

His dad asked him, “how do u feel?”
He replied “It was wonderful daddy. All humans clapped their hands for me!”

Moral: Life is too beautiful, it depends on our way of thinking, why waste time on what people think.