The Elder Son

My friend wanted me to write a serious one.. And I came up with this somewhere in middle of August 2014.


He, the elder son, watches his family;
Starving, wandering, being bare;
Its all thoughtless and vacuum occupied,
There’s not a thing they got to share.

He looks around, with eyes filled with little hope;
To get a merciful work and have his family cope,
They too have needs, though not too much;
Still, it seems hard to satisfy such.

He is bent with the burden and the load,
Which gets heavy and heavier
Carrying, working and walking miles on the dusty road.

He might have lost ‘the’ smile somewhere,
And ‘the’ cheerful child’s face,
When you search for the lost place,
You don’t find a single trace.

His eyes too, once lived in a dream;
But now, just a dark truth is what all seems;
Which has captivated them in a pity state,
Where there’s no escape or an exit gate.

The load gets heavier day by day,
While the weak figure looks for a way-
A way which would get them freed,
From dust, dirt and the wilder weed.

He still thinks that it’s hope,
Which could work as a rope,
And could save and get them away,
It’s all a thought: and nothing ahead I know what to say!

The Beautiful Girl

This poem I wrote for a girl….. and wanted to show it to her on her birthday but.. Haha.. I missed it somewhere ^_^!


This day belongs to you; the prettiest girl,

Having a smile that outshines any pearl.

Exaggeration I just ain’t doing;

I’m only spilling out the truth.

Imperfection is not your thing,

You are an outstanding book.

You are an angel; Who pours water into a dry sea.

I’ve cooked nothing! Just said whatever I see.

Few feelings in words; I always wished to share,

That come straight from my heart’s deep-down layer.

You were always the one whom I admired,

Well; No lies I said – I’m no liar.

I looked through and saw truth in your eyes,

And your soul within – So calm and wise.

Your personality’s great – The sweet little girl I know.

Who’s so nice and caring – Yes! This is so.

Hoping that all your wishes come true,

And your life be just as sweet as you!

:* 🙂

Childhood: Memories

Happy little girl painting with hands in kindergarten

Still remember the time we were small

When we used to play with bat and ball

We did not care; For what we wear

Kept wandering here and there

Used to do such funny things

Fly like birds as if we had wings

Just lied down and started to cry

It was easy without feeling shy

Danced anytime without any tension

During serious times to get all attention

Made funny faces and idiotic expressions

Never entertained anybody’s lessons

Life was simple life was fantastic

Things were simple and nothing sarcastic

Innocent we were; had no worries

Sweet was childhood; and now its memories

Classroom feelings after a long break :D

Okay.. So, I got promoted to grade 12th with a satisfactory result…and after a long break of about a month I attended the school…On the very second day of the school fell my birthday.. and it being my birthday my mind was not ready to accept the long lectures :/ So, this is what I was able to write in Physical education class 😀 .. I Don’t know .. But it’s not really good(It’s harder to write something in P.E class).. Just a simple.. meaningless poem 🙂


*It’s not me in the picture 🙂


I was there sitting, Views were splitting,

Mind was diverting and I felt like quitting

The teacher was to teach,

And as usual I wasn’t to pay any heed.


The students started working,

And I too was working – Writing something different,

A voice came “Not so brilliant”,

He remarked – who had his work done of Physical Education

Which I never studied on any occasion


I just wanted to pass the time,

So, I came up with this rhyme.

I wanted to write more, But

The man in brown hit the bell’s core.


The bell rang, the students sang

The instructor was out of the class, and

We prepared for the next lecture to pass.


Hope you didn’t like it 😉

You my Boy!



© Kamalpreet Singh, March 31st 2014


You! Be my son so strong,

Don’t engage in anything wrong,

Work right and work hard,

Immorality you must discard,

When you see something not just,

Don’t just watch but fight with thrust.

Long lived aren’t those which have long age,

They’re those who use sword as a sage.

My Heart – Still waits for her :)


© Kamalpreet Singh, 26th February, 2014

With broken heart I seek her sight,

Without her my life is so quiet,

She does not know the pain I feel,

Of this wound which is hard to heal.


The sunsets we used to spent together,

The mornings we used to wish each other,

The time when we enjoyed every weather,

But now, why she does not even bother?


Together we shared every moment,

Talked a lot – had so much to say,

I don’t know where she went,

I try to search but find no way.


It’s her thoughts which still make me smile,

Even if it be for a very short while,

With eternal hope, I’m still alive,

Waiting for the time she will arrive.


Hope you liked it 🙂

For her!


Her soul so calm; I see beyond her smile,
She kneels to none; and has a great style.
I can distinguish her among the rest,
Her wonderful works – All are impressed.

She is like the beauty of the spring,
And all the happiness that this life can bring.
It’s an essence of beauty – well personified on earth,
I may measure, yet can’t estimate the worth.

She will be true until the end.
She won’t break though she may bend.
She’s drifting away with eternal surprise.
Pure and pleasant; the wiser of the wise,
She seeks truth and not sweet lies,
The charming girl with mysterious eyes.

She is the cause why now I write,
These few lines so soft and light.
Yet, No amount of words can, even for a while,
Describe the true beauty conferred on her smile.