The Elder Son

My friend wanted me to write a serious one.. And I came up with this somewhere in middle of August 2014.


He, the elder son, watches his family;
Starving, wandering, being bare;
Its all thoughtless and vacuum occupied,
There’s not a thing they got to share.

He looks around, with eyes filled with little hope;
To get a merciful work and have his family cope,
They too have needs, though not too much;
Still, it seems hard to satisfy such.

He is bent with the burden and the load,
Which gets heavy and heavier
Carrying, working and walking miles on the dusty road.

He might have lost ‘the’ smile somewhere,
And ‘the’ cheerful child’s face,
When you search for the lost place,
You don’t find a single trace.

His eyes too, once lived in a dream;
But now, just a dark truth is what all seems;
Which has captivated them in a pity state,
Where there’s no escape or an exit gate.

The load gets heavier day by day,
While the weak figure looks for a way-
A way which would get them freed,
From dust, dirt and the wilder weed.

He still thinks that it’s hope,
Which could work as a rope,
And could save and get them away,
It’s all a thought: and nothing ahead I know what to say!

Then and Now: Television v/s Man!

Then and Now: Television v/s Man!

The man was fit and his television fat.
Now he is fat and his television fit.

Comfort has taken over our lives..
Technology keeps on updating itself..
While we are getting entangled in it :/

Changing Society and Attitudes!

© Kamalpreet Singh, 26th December, 2013


People have had so much change,

Values are now out of their range,

They don’t care in any ways,

For a wounded bleeding on the base.

Is it because of no interest in that case, or

Is it because of their different race?

We are not just here to have fun,

We have to make the society run.

I feel pity and I feel sad,

Because of this attitude so bad.

Be united all my friends,

Try to turn this terrible trend, and

Save the humanity from its end!

Trees Give Us Life: Save them!


© Kamalpreet Singh, 18th December, 2013


In this world only one creature helps us for free,

And that selfless service is that of the tree.

It stands still and provides us aid,

In escaping the heat under its shade.


It cleans the air and improves filtration,

And helps us breathe in these days of pollution.

It provides people with the firewood,

Showing the signs of the silent sainthood.


It provides home to many on its bough,

And provides fodder to animals like the cow.

Under the trees you can take time to rest,

While the birds are busy to make their nest.


It does not discriminate between men and women,

By providing to all the life giving gas called oxygen.

In spite of receiving so much from the trees

We cut them insensibly at very high degrees


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An Unborn Girl’s Cry: Against Female Feticide

Female Fetecide is a crime against humanity.. We all are talking about women empowerment these days but the fact remains that female foetus are being killed.. It’s no empowerment! Image

© Kamalpreet Singh, 21st December, 2013

God has not yet made the lines on my hand,

And you have announced the judgment of my stand.

Please Dad! Don’t have me killed,

I, too, want to see my build.

Please, Let me join your so social society,

I promise I’ll do work of every variety.

Don’t worry for hiring a maid,

I’ll do work without being paid.

Don’t panic about my schools look,

I’ll self study from my brother’s book.

Dad, please don’t care for my dowry,

I’ll stay with you and will not marry.

I will help you from my childhood,

And support you in your old age as I should.

But, If you still think that I’ll be a burden for you,

Then, please! Don’t spend for this operation too.

I’ll myself tell God and his messenger,

That my family had me surrender.

And, this is what my family has said,

To see me in this world as dead.

So, guys! These are the emotions of many and many little to-be-girls who can’t find a place for themselves in this BIG narrow minded world. Before they can blossom, before they spring to life… Their right to live is snatched away from them.. It’s a heinous crime! So, it’s a humble request to all of you to spread this message as much as you can and as far as you can to stop this saddening – female fetecide!

Drawings During Accountancy Classes: Part II


© Kamalpreet Singh, 19th December, 2013

Rivers, lakes, seas and wells,

In this place many creatures dwell.

Trees are cut one by one,

But people on earth are planting none.

We are destroying it no one other.

Save our earth to live further.

After all, we only have one planet,

We are turning it into a gadget.

If we ruin all its dome,

Our children will not have a home.

If we all work together for time some

Our planet can remain habitable for centuries to come.


It’s not him, who is destroying,

He is my friend who had his drawing.

He and me have been pleading

Please, Stop the Earth from bleeding!