Quote of the Day – Kindness


Be Kind Whenever Possible. It is always possible

~ Dalai Lama

Then and Now: Television v/s Man!

Then and Now: Television v/s Man!

The man was fit and his television fat.
Now he is fat and his television fit.

Comfort has taken over our lives..
Technology keeps on updating itself..
While we are getting entangled in it :/

My Heart – Still waits for her :)


© Kamalpreet Singh, 26th February, 2014

With broken heart I seek her sight,

Without her my life is so quiet,

She does not know the pain I feel,

Of this wound which is hard to heal.


The sunsets we used to spent together,

The mornings we used to wish each other,

The time when we enjoyed every weather,

But now, why she does not even bother?


Together we shared every moment,

Talked a lot – had so much to say,

I don’t know where she went,

I try to search but find no way.


It’s her thoughts which still make me smile,

Even if it be for a very short while,

With eternal hope, I’m still alive,

Waiting for the time she will arrive.


Hope you liked it 🙂

For her!


Her soul so calm; I see beyond her smile,
She kneels to none; and has a great style.
I can distinguish her among the rest,
Her wonderful works – All are impressed.

She is like the beauty of the spring,
And all the happiness that this life can bring.
It’s an essence of beauty – well personified on earth,
I may measure, yet can’t estimate the worth.

She will be true until the end.
She won’t break though she may bend.
She’s drifting away with eternal surprise.
Pure and pleasant; the wiser of the wise,
She seeks truth and not sweet lies,
The charming girl with mysterious eyes.

She is the cause why now I write,
These few lines so soft and light.
Yet, No amount of words can, even for a while,
Describe the true beauty conferred on her smile.

Facebook: Addicting People!


© Kamalpreet Singh, 18th February, 2014

We have a Big Friend List,
With Many unknown amidst .

We have so many friends online,
Who post pictures with new design.

We Scroll through the news feed,
Jokes and Shayaries we go-on read.

We Follow every popular page,
And Like every beautiful image.

We keep on Chatting all the time,
And use Short-forms in every line.

We make Communities and a large Group,
Like an addict we use Facebook!

Hope you Liked it 😀

True Relationship – Lovely Realtionship

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A man comes home drunk, vomits and falls down on the floor.

His Wife gets him up and cleans everything.

Next day when he gets up he expects his wife to be really angry with him.

He braces for a fight, but finds a note near the table

“Honey, your favorite breakfast is ready on the table;

I had to leave early to buy groceries.

I’ll come running back to you, my love.

I love you.”

He was surprised and he asks his son, “What happened last night?”

The Son replies, “When mom got you up to bed and tried removing your boots and shirt, you were
dead drunk and you said,

“Hey Lady! Leave Me Alone. I’m married!!”

Determination: Very Important Quality to Possess!

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© Kamalpreet Singh, 14th February, 2014

From the angle of my eye,

I am going to touch the sky,

My thoughts have no limit,

Everything is possible whatever be it!


It is not in the lines on my hand,

It is in my actions and my stand,

As it has been well-said,

By those who have led,


Luck also stays with their nation,

Who have in them the deadly determination.”


Hope you liked it. 🙂