Trees Give Us Life: Save them!


© Kamalpreet Singh, 18th December, 2013


In this world only one creature helps us for free,

And that selfless service is that of the tree.

It stands still and provides us aid,

In escaping the heat under its shade.


It cleans the air and improves filtration,

And helps us breathe in these days of pollution.

It provides people with the firewood,

Showing the signs of the silent sainthood.


It provides home to many on its bough,

And provides fodder to animals like the cow.

Under the trees you can take time to rest,

While the birds are busy to make their nest.


It does not discriminate between men and women,

By providing to all the life giving gas called oxygen.

In spite of receiving so much from the trees

We cut them insensibly at very high degrees


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