The Elder Son

My friend wanted me to write a serious one.. And I came up with this somewhere in middle of August 2014.


He, the elder son, watches his family;
Starving, wandering, being bare;
Its all thoughtless and vacuum occupied,
There’s not a thing they got to share.

He looks around, with eyes filled with little hope;
To get a merciful work and have his family cope,
They too have needs, though not too much;
Still, it seems hard to satisfy such.

He is bent with the burden and the load,
Which gets heavy and heavier
Carrying, working and walking miles on the dusty road.

He might have lost ‘the’ smile somewhere,
And ‘the’ cheerful child’s face,
When you search for the lost place,
You don’t find a single trace.

His eyes too, once lived in a dream;
But now, just a dark truth is what all seems;
Which has captivated them in a pity state,
Where there’s no escape or an exit gate.

The load gets heavier day by day,
While the weak figure looks for a way-
A way which would get them freed,
From dust, dirt and the wilder weed.

He still thinks that it’s hope,
Which could work as a rope,
And could save and get them away,
It’s all a thought: and nothing ahead I know what to say!


The Beautiful Girl

This poem I wrote for a girl….. and wanted to show it to her on her birthday but.. Haha.. I missed it somewhere ^_^!


This day belongs to you; the prettiest girl,

Having a smile that outshines any pearl.

Exaggeration I just ain’t doing;

I’m only spilling out the truth.

Imperfection is not your thing,

You are an outstanding book.

You are an angel; Who pours water into a dry sea.

I’ve cooked nothing! Just said whatever I see.

Few feelings in words; I always wished to share,

That come straight from my heart’s deep-down layer.

You were always the one whom I admired,

Well; No lies I said – I’m no liar.

I looked through and saw truth in your eyes,

And your soul within – So calm and wise.

Your personality’s great – The sweet little girl I know.

Who’s so nice and caring – Yes! This is so.

Hoping that all your wishes come true,

And your life be just as sweet as you!

:* 🙂

Positive Attitude and It’s benefits

Alright.. So time to move on to a topic of our daily choice. It’s only a choice(a free choice) and it’s befenits are simply countless. Well, we’re going to discuss on positive attitude..

The idea about me writing on positive attitude came from a declamation contest that was held in my school. It was inter-class(XII standard) contest and 20 students(out of about 250) participated. I, too, participated.. and well! I’m no good speaker.. and I was settled at the 4th position. Maybe, because I crossed the alloted time for speaking which was just 5 minutes.


Here it goes:

When our attitude is right, we realise that we are walking on acres and acres of diamonds. Opportunity is right under our feet. And! All we have to do is to recognise it.

Good Morning Everyone

Respected Sir Principal, Honorable Teachers, Worthy judges and Yes! Ofcourse.. All my dear friends! Today, I, Kamalpreet Singh, a scholar of class XII-D is standing in front of you all to speak on “Positive Attitude and it’s Benefits”.

So, What’s attitude? As my pocket oxford dictionary defines it, attitude! Is a way.. of talking, thinking and behaving! However! I believe it’s significance in our lives is much more than that. Our attitude itself is our way of life.

Friends, as you see, we have a choice.. a choice everyday! Regarding the attitude we hold for that day. And as they say the only difference between a good day and a bad day is our attitude.

Friends, we cannot change our past.. Seriously! We cannot change it. We cannot change the way certain people think.. I can’t change the way this guy might be thinking about me right now.. yeah? We cannot change what’s inevitable. So, what can we actually change? To feel better in certain situations? The answer is our Attitude! Yea! Our attitude!…

Let me give you an example of my friend who is a good badminton player(I was referring to myself though) often going for various matches. We all know that one cannot win everytime, and losing.. Is a harsh feeling, of course. So, what does he do when he loses a crucial match? Does he cry? No..! Does he become upset and reclusive? No..!

Instead.. He inspires himself that he’ll work harder and improve his skill, so that, he performs better next time and wins. And this is how, his positive attitude, helps him in overcoming problems and coping up with stress easily.

So, our attitude determines outcomes. And, this truth, is accepted by most successful people of the world; whether it be a doctor going for an extremely difficult surgery or a businessman launching a new project. It is the correct attitude which gives them the winning edge.

Let’s see… the industrialists, the big business houses.. they often set up huge plants and invest in new projects. The mobile companies, like samsung, introduce new smartphones every other week. The television channels, like Zee TV, air new serials like Jamai Raja, Neeli Chattri Waale, etc every other day.. And, all this happens with a positive attitude.

Just Imagine, what would have happened..If those incustrialists, fearing losses would have never set up new plants and invested in new projects? Then, centainly my friends, Mr.Ambani would have never become such a multi-billionaire.


Or what if? Our favourite Kapil Sharma, fearing low response from the audience, never worked in Comedy Nights with Kapil? Then, he too would have missed the chance to become so much popular and have a huge fan following.


So, when people hold such negative attitudes they restrict themselves.. They lose the opportunity to achieve something! So, a correct attitude, or a positive attitude, is a key to success.

Our attitude also reflects our behaviour. One’s attitude towards the other determines the other’s attitude towards him. For example, if we smile at someone the other person might also smile back and vice versa…

In a nutshell.. A positive attitude helps in overcoming our problems easily, coping up with stress, is a key to success and helps in maintaining healthy human relationships.

So, cultivating a positive attitude is like ploughing a field…It takes time.. It has to grow from within..Inspiration is what gets a man started..Motivation is what keeps him on track..And It’s positive attitude which makes it all automatic..

Thank You! And adopt a positive outlook towards life!

After that I was asked a question..

Question: Does positive attitude ensure success?

My answer was:


Success is a matter of personal opinion and conception.. It depends on what we understand as being successful(most often it’s one’s goal). Positive attitude alone is not enough to bring success(as per the person’s definition of success) but it surely is a necessary ingredient in one’s success recipe along with hard work and determination.

My School’s farewell speech as on 20th January 2015 – The Actual and editted version

Ok, this one is the version which I actually delivered in the school(The previous was planned but not actually delivered).

It’s said that memories are like footprints in the sand which get washed away with the passage of time but I’m sure that the memories spent in this school will never be washed away.

Good Morning Everyone,

Respected Sir Principal, Respected Vice Principal Ma’am, Worthy teachers and all my dear twelthies

I am here to represent my class XII-D on this special occasion.

So, Finally! The day has to come to bid a goodbye to this school and we take this day as an opportunity to thank all our teachers who have played an integral role in bringing us where we are today. You have not only taught us our subjects but also given us some valuable lessons of life. You were always ready to help us and we thank you for being there whenever we needed you.

But, We also know, that there were times when we were being rude, arrogant, and even debated with you foolishly; forgetting that all you said was always for our benefit. We apologize for all that.

We know, we will miss each and every element of this school, but at the same time cherish the memories of our time spent here. And, as we leave, we realize that our emotions are getting mixed up. We are joyous as we are ready to face the challenges of life, and yet, disappointed that we have to leave this school in order to move on in life.

Now, At last, all we have to give you is a hearty thank you! and a tearful goodbye…

Thank You

Now, my friend Navneet will give you the last words(She was the last addresser)

My School’s farewell speech as on 20th January 2015 – The Uncut version

Hello Guys.. So, the following excerpt is from my Microsoft Word document which got somewhat ignored and editted on the note that we were authorised to deliver only a two minute speech on the farewell day.. There were to be total five speakers(one from each section of XIIth standard)..  The list of speakers was this:

  • Amrindar Singh(Azad House): XII-A
  • Prafful Painuly(Azad House): XII-B
  • Dhairya Thakur(Azad House): XII-C
  • Kamalpreet Singh(Pratap House): XII-D
  • Navneet Chaudhary(Ranjeet House): XII-E

This was how I had planned to deliver:

It’s said that memories are like footprints in the sand which get washed away with the passage of time. But, I’m sure that the memories spent in this school will never be washed away.

Good morning everyone.
Respected Sir Principal, Honorable teachers and all my dear friends.

Today, I Kamalpreet Singh, as I stand here and speak, recollect the day the I joined this prestigious school two years ago in 11th standard. I came from a school in Gurgaon with a completely different background to this institution. Earlier of course, it was hard for me to adjust to this change. The beginning of this journey was not very pleasant. I felt as if loads of HomeWork was given in this school and some rules like you cannot go to the washroom in the 3rd period made me cranky.

And then, it was Amarjit Sir(my class teacher) who besides giving me good knowledge of economics imparted various values to all of us. He made me understand that everywhere the situation is different and wise is the one who can adapt to the demands of the situation.

I was promoted to 12th standard and very soon the selections for the captains and vice-captains was there. I was honored as the vice captain of pratap house with a shiny yellow batch(so shiny that one couldn’t read what’s written on it from a distance). I was given lots of responsibilities and I know that I could not perform them all but I’m sure that I did my part with my heart.

My appearance in the major events started with the teachers day function held by Sirmaur Society. It was the first time I had to go for public speaking. I was very nervous and even Vice Principal Ma’am, Respected Mrs. Davindar Sahni, pointed me out that “beta stop biting your nails or you would do it there too“. And ma’am I couldn’t stop it and went on biting my nails throughout the programme.. Hehe… The function ended well and I gained a little confidence after that.

Moving on, I anchored the children’s day celebrations and took part in a Declamation contest. Though I didn’t get a position in it but I learnt the lesson of being positive.
And Finally, I was on the stage in front of thousands of students and a hundred of staff members to deliver a speech and recite a poem(on female fetecide) in the morning assembly. After I finished it, I felt a sense of accomplishment that I remained confident throughout. I am grateful to this institution for building a complete foundation of confidence in me.

This was a nutshell of my journey in this school.

And I also take this opportunity to thank all my teachers, every single one of them who has played an important role in bringing me where I am today. Always ready to help, academics or otherwise, you are an integral part of me and I thank you for being there when I needed you.
Especially, Nasiba Ma’am who was very understanding, helpful and supported me throughout my journey in this institution and Gurnam Sir who besides making me the captain of our school’s basketball team and an amateur athlete gave me some great values off the field.

The school has taught me so many skills and values that its not possible to list them down in one small speech. It has been an enriching and memorable journey of two lovely years and leading Pratap house to be the best house of the year(2014-15).

I will miss each and every element of this school but at the same time, cherish the memories of my time spent here. I realize that today I depart with mixed emotions. Joyous, that I am prepared to deal with life’s challenges yet disappointed that I have to leave this school in order to move on in life.

Now, At last, all I have to give you all is a hearty thanks and a tearful goodbye….. 🙂

Life resumes after some toil!

First let me start by apologising. I know I havn’t posted anything since long, its almost an year I think. But there was a reason – The great Indian students stress. Haha.. Well Yeah..I’m talking about the CBSE Board examinations which I have finally gone through.
And to be honest I’m little happy with the examination’s conduct.  Anyway they are over and I can feel logs of stress floating away…

A few(maybe genuine too)  questions I find appropriate to raise at this moment are..

Is such one-month prolonged evaluation by few 3 hours written examinations by any means is a test of intelligence, calibre, knowledge and talent of an 18 or almost 18 years person?

Are such examinations of any use when cramming up few books imply the top ranks and thus the talent(The so called intelligence and talent)?

Is evaluation necessarily to be done through long written examinations?
Are there no better practical alternatives?

*Sigh* Well.. that being asked. . Btw one good thing Im gonna enjoy post examinations is this two months break and by no means I would be marveling about the result of this exam…anyway let me tell you when it’ll come though.. – in the last days of may!

Remember what Albert Einstein has said

A single sheet of paper can’t decide my future

I would make it many sheets of paper too can’t decide my future 😉