My School’s farewell speech as on 20th January 2015 – The Uncut version

Hello Guys.. So, the following excerpt is from my Microsoft Word document which got somewhat ignored and editted on the note that we were authorised to deliver only a two minute speech on the farewell day.. There were to be total five speakers(one from each section of XIIth standard)..  The list of speakers was this:

  • Amrindar Singh(Azad House): XII-A
  • Prafful Painuly(Azad House): XII-B
  • Dhairya Thakur(Azad House): XII-C
  • Kamalpreet Singh(Pratap House): XII-D
  • Navneet Chaudhary(Ranjeet House): XII-E

This was how I had planned to deliver:

It’s said that memories are like footprints in the sand which get washed away with the passage of time. But, I’m sure that the memories spent in this school will never be washed away.

Good morning everyone.
Respected Sir Principal, Honorable teachers and all my dear friends.

Today, I Kamalpreet Singh, as I stand here and speak, recollect the day the I joined this prestigious school two years ago in 11th standard. I came from a school in Gurgaon with a completely different background to this institution. Earlier of course, it was hard for me to adjust to this change. The beginning of this journey was not very pleasant. I felt as if loads of HomeWork was given in this school and some rules like you cannot go to the washroom in the 3rd period made me cranky.

And then, it was Amarjit Sir(my class teacher) who besides giving me good knowledge of economics imparted various values to all of us. He made me understand that everywhere the situation is different and wise is the one who can adapt to the demands of the situation.

I was promoted to 12th standard and very soon the selections for the captains and vice-captains was there. I was honored as the vice captain of pratap house with a shiny yellow batch(so shiny that one couldn’t read what’s written on it from a distance). I was given lots of responsibilities and I know that I could not perform them all but I’m sure that I did my part with my heart.

My appearance in the major events started with the teachers day function held by Sirmaur Society. It was the first time I had to go for public speaking. I was very nervous and even Vice Principal Ma’am, Respected Mrs. Davindar Sahni, pointed me out that “beta stop biting your nails or you would do it there too“. And ma’am I couldn’t stop it and went on biting my nails throughout the programme.. Hehe… The function ended well and I gained a little confidence after that.

Moving on, I anchored the children’s day celebrations and took part in a Declamation contest. Though I didn’t get a position in it but I learnt the lesson of being positive.
And Finally, I was on the stage in front of thousands of students and a hundred of staff members to deliver a speech and recite a poem(on female fetecide) in the morning assembly. After I finished it, I felt a sense of accomplishment that I remained confident throughout. I am grateful to this institution for building a complete foundation of confidence in me.

This was a nutshell of my journey in this school.

And I also take this opportunity to thank all my teachers, every single one of them who has played an important role in bringing me where I am today. Always ready to help, academics or otherwise, you are an integral part of me and I thank you for being there when I needed you.
Especially, Nasiba Ma’am who was very understanding, helpful and supported me throughout my journey in this institution and Gurnam Sir who besides making me the captain of our school’s basketball team and an amateur athlete gave me some great values off the field.

The school has taught me so many skills and values that its not possible to list them down in one small speech. It has been an enriching and memorable journey of two lovely years and leading Pratap house to be the best house of the year(2014-15).

I will miss each and every element of this school but at the same time, cherish the memories of my time spent here. I realize that today I depart with mixed emotions. Joyous, that I am prepared to deal with life’s challenges yet disappointed that I have to leave this school in order to move on in life.

Now, At last, all I have to give you all is a hearty thanks and a tearful goodbye….. 🙂