Some Interesting confusions!


1. Can you cry under water?
2. Do fishes ever get thirsty?
3. Why it is called building when it’s already been built?
4. If a poison’s date expires, is it more poisonous or less poisonous?
5. Why don’t birds fall off the trees when they sleep?
6. “I love you” is not a question, then why does it need an answer?
7. Why does round pizza come in square boxes?
8. Why doesn’t glue sticks to its bottle?
9. Camera lenses are round, so why the pictures are square?
10. If money doesn’t grow on trees, why banks have branches?                                                     11. When they say dogs food is new and improved, who tastes it?                                                 12. When I write something, who reads it? Lol!

Haha, Crazy it is!


What is your view?

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