A mysterious night: An unpleasant encounter

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I just woke up and want to post this stupid story now otherwise I will forget it. I will try to keep it as short as I can and try not to mess it up with my on-the-way feelings. I know you will remark it as a bad story, but chill I’m not a story writer and I accept it.

It was in the middle of a mysterious night, when I was disturbed. The chilled airs were through the house. I lay awake in my bed thinking of what would I post tomorrow on my blog. Soon, my eyes started to swell and I thought about going off.

My cell phone started vibrating. It was a text. It read “I am standing still outside your house, waiting for you to…, it’s urgent; we have to make it out.” I hurried over to my window and saw a shadow near the gate. I threw some water on my frowning face and ran as fast as my adidas sandals could carry me down the stairs and outside into my front yard. Yes, he was there, Black, as I called him. I had no idea what had happened.

He seemed to be in a hurry, “Kamal, quick! We have to follow Mr. 47”. I was boosted, kicked the gate and ran out with him. Oh, Kamal is none other than your servant, the writer of this saga. We were now running, but where were we heading to?

Black said while we were running, “Kamal, 47 is expected to be arriving to Nahan in an hour. We have to reach Nahan before him. “What for and who is this 47?” I said. “Did you forget our new mission? You know Sir. John had briefed us about it this morning?” he sounded unpleasant. Suddenly, I remembered that I was an agent, a spy! How could I forget it!

We reached Nahan. We hid behind trees around the streets. It was more freezing outside. The biting cold superseded the mission heat. He started, “Alright, Kamal. We are here much before I had expected, your speed seems to be increased.” “That is what I thought about you” I replied.


A man seemed to be coming from the west. I don’t know why I was feeling insecure. I asked,” Are we prepared if he has backup? Do you have a pistol?” “We are here to track him not to show our shooting skills”, he made a sharp remark.

The man was coming closer and closer. We moved farther and farther around the buildings. He stood still, watching around. I didn’t knew what was about to happen. I didn’t know why we were there. A car came from the east, fast and furious. Two men came out of the car, opened the front door. A big man was out; he had some sort of massive electric torch in his hand which he switched on.

(Beams of light spread all around)

(The light was on us now and we were seen)


In no time we were seen running from there. Where were we heading to? Towards My house? Yes! Or NO! “We are trapped”, said Black and another gang showed up from the front.  I shouted, “Idiot agent, why didn’t you bring the gun. I would have drilled these men.” They surrounded us and started limiting us in that small area. I knew Christ was watching us fail and waiting for us.

Black said, “Jump” and then disappeared. Where did he go? I looked down! Yes! We were on a bridge above the river. They ran for me and I managed to jump.

Nooooooooo! A crackling sound was heard. It was the sound of gunfire. I was shot in air. The bullet went through my head. I Jumped out of my bed and … started writing this post. What a fail climax!


Cheers 😉