Time is priceless: A short story


Once upon a time…

A man was a very successful and had gathered a lot of wealth. Everybody respected him and he was a source of inspiration.

When he was taking his last breathes, all the members of the family were around him.

One of the family members said,” Please give us some valuable lesson from your life“.

The dying man said, “I’ll give you a lesson but for that I require some more time. I am running out of time, so please take all my wealth and buy some extra time for me.”

The person replied,”It is not possible to buy time even if we use all the resources of this world.”

The man said,”So, understand the value of time which cannot be bought at any value.”


My friends, the clock is running. Every second is precious because you cannot have even an extra second if you want. A second passed cannot be restored! Try to make as much out of the time that’s still left. Time is free of cost but it’s limited and cannot be accumulated. Hence, time is priceless.

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