My Heart – Still waits for her :)


© Kamalpreet Singh, 26th February, 2014

With broken heart I seek her sight,

Without her my life is so quiet,

She does not know the pain I feel,

Of this wound which is hard to heal.


The sunsets we used to spent together,

The mornings we used to wish each other,

The time when we enjoyed every weather,

But now, why she does not even bother?


Together we shared every moment,

Talked a lot – had so much to say,

I don’t know where she went,

I try to search but find no way.


It’s her thoughts which still make me smile,

Even if it be for a very short while,

With eternal hope, I’m still alive,

Waiting for the time she will arrive.


Hope you liked it 🙂


If you have a Mother: You are already blessed!

First of all Merry Christmas to everyone.

But, I wish to tell you again about a person who matters more than the Santa Claus in our lives.

© Kamalpreet Singh, 18th December, 2013


Though God is everywhere,

Still, he created someone to care-

Care for his loved ones, and

To protect them from the scorching sun.


She is the one who is always there,

When we need to help us here.

She is there when we are crying, and

When we are found hard trying.


Life has now become self-centered,

But she always has a selfless venture.

When she is here we will not have to bother,

And that divine being is known as a mother.


Love and respect her..!

How my love story ended!


So, I was thinking about my love story… That ended before these few lines…

© Kamalpreet Singh, 16th December, 2013


Love was here

Love was there

So much care

But did not dare

To say words mere

Someone else had the chance

To do the real romance

I was just wondering buds

Why couldn’t I say those words?

Cheers……………  😀 Hope you liked it 😉

What is true love? How to know!

True Love

If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation. –Osho

True love means that we care for another person’s happiness more than our own, no matter what we get in return. True Love is caring and attraction. If you love someone or something, you will get attracted and start caring for it. Soon, it will create a bond or attachment between you. If the thing(like the flower) can live happily without you or can live a better life, we should not try to possess it.

Just like the climax in the recent bollywood movie: Ashiqui-2, The film is about a man who ends his life so that his lover can live on a better life. He gives her every sort of fame and name in the world and still does not want to possess her because of his alcoholism- which carries the ability to destroy relationships.

It is not Love when other people like us for doing what they want. Real love is when we fail to do what other people want but they still don’t feel disappointed at us. That is love, and that love alone has the power to bind people together and create the best relationships.

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