Education System: A must read story


Once upon a time, a fox opened a school in the jungle. He was very happy to know that many animals had started taking admission in his school. He was determined to make it the best school in the jungle. So, he introduced everything in his curriculum: reading, writing, mathematics, flying, swimming, climbing trees, etc, and insisted the teachers to take classes and test the students regularly.

The teachers however were unhappy with the results. However much they tried they could not teach the lion to swim, the tiger to climb the trees and the crow refused to sing. The teachers tried all methods and regularly conducted classes.

The students had to attend extra-classes. The peacock helped the teachers in conducting dance classes but the pig could not learn a single step. Likewise, the owl did not want to read and the monkey could not swim. All the students failed the examinations and Fox was very worried.

Then, the wise bat told him to let the students take up the courses they wanted to and then conduct exams. The monkey did not have to learn swimming anymore but the crocodile could practice swimming and diving, the crow could fly and learn to do somersaults in the air and squirrel could continue to learn mathematics.

When the examinations were conducted, all the animals passes with flying colors and Fox was proud of his school.


Our Children are Individuals

I am special and so are you,

be yourself and do what you do.

The point of this silly story about a school for the animals is that modern education sends every child through a program of study that is targeted toward a “general” child. It expects every student to be able to follow the same course of study in the same sequence, without considering inherent talent or individual differences that are crucial to children’s abilities to learn. Schooling does not take into account differing personality types or characteristics.

Parents who understand learning differences can be more sympathetic with the frustrations their children face in school and more helpful in finding alternative approaches. The two major learning differences among children have to do with learning styles and learning readiness.

So, the question arises can the Bat’s advice be extended to present day schools? If yes, how? If no, why?

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