Life resumes after some toil!

First let me start by apologising. I know I havn’t posted anything since long, its almost an year I think. But there was a reason – The great Indian students stress. Haha.. Well Yeah..I’m talking about the CBSE Board examinations which I have finally gone through.
And to be honest I’m little happy with the examination’s conduct.  Anyway they are over and I can feel logs of stress floating away…

A few(maybe genuine too)  questions I find appropriate to raise at this moment are..

Is such one-month prolonged evaluation by few 3 hours written examinations by any means is a test of intelligence, calibre, knowledge and talent of an 18 or almost 18 years person?

Are such examinations of any use when cramming up few books imply the top ranks and thus the talent(The so called intelligence and talent)?

Is evaluation necessarily to be done through long written examinations?
Are there no better practical alternatives?

*Sigh* Well.. that being asked. . Btw one good thing Im gonna enjoy post examinations is this two months break and by no means I would be marveling about the result of this exam…anyway let me tell you when it’ll come though.. – in the last days of may!

Remember what Albert Einstein has said

A single sheet of paper can’t decide my future

I would make it many sheets of paper too can’t decide my future 😉