If you have a Mother: You are already blessed!

First of all Merry Christmas to everyone.

But, I wish to tell you again about a person who matters more than the Santa Claus in our lives.

© Kamalpreet Singh, 18th December, 2013


Though God is everywhere,

Still, he created someone to care-

Care for his loved ones, and

To protect them from the scorching sun.


She is the one who is always there,

When we need to help us here.

She is there when we are crying, and

When we are found hard trying.


Life has now become self-centered,

But she always has a selfless venture.

When she is here we will not have to bother,

And that divine being is known as a mother.


Love and respect her..!


3 thoughts on “If you have a Mother: You are already blessed!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing such poignant and meaningful words of truth! My mother moved on from this world 30 years ago and I miss her every day. I always tell young people to cherish their mothers, as it will be the only one they ever get (the one who gave them life). Thank you again for reinforcing gratitude for one of the most precious souls in our lives.

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