914 Girls vs 1000 Boys.. Is it Fair?

Female Infanticide in India: A Distressing Account

So kyon mannnda aakhiye, jit jammein raajaan – Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Why should we condemn women who have given birth to emperors of the world?

Hyderabad, India: A 24-year-old woman, who was attacked by her husband for giving birth to a girl, died while undergoing treatment. Police said Sadia got married to Hashim in October, 2012. Since her marriage, her husband and mother-in-law Amina had been harassing her for more dowries. When Sadia conceived, her in-laws warned her that they would not accept her if she fails to give birth to a boy. “Sadia gave birth to a girl. For a few days, she was at her mother’s residence. On September 5, when she went back to her husband’s house she was attacked,” police said. – Times Now

Girls are widely regarded as a burden to Indian families who fear the high costs of their weddings and resent spending money on their education only for them later to leave the home to marry. Many women abort pregnancies when they believe they will deliver a girl, often under pressure from their husbands or in-laws who favor boys.

Ranjana Kumari of the Council for Social Research said that the Indian mother breast feed girls for a far shorter period than they do their sons and feed them less well because they fear good nourishment will speed the arrival of puberty and the need for a costly wedding. While boys are taken immediately to hospital, sick girls are kept waiting because their families do not have the same interest in their survival.”They think they need to feed the boy, but there is less desire for the girl to survive, it is common in rural India. Boys are immediately taken to the doctor, but not the girl. She is the last to get the medicine,” she said.

India is the most dangerous place in the world to be born a girl, with females almost twice as likely to die before reaching the age of five, according to new UN figures. Campaigners believe there may have been as many as eight million cases of ‘female foeticide‘ in India over the last decade. This discrimination has driven India’s sex ratio progressively lower. Census statistics show it fell from 976 girls per 1000 boys in 1961 to 914 in 2011.

This must be stopped immediately. Female infanticide is a matter of shame for the couples who go for it and also for the doctors who murder the unborn girl child for earning some quick money. Let us not forget that our mother is a female, our sister is a female, and our wife is also a female. Then why not have a female as our daughter? Remember, daughters are no less than sons.

Our Government has already enacted laws to ban determination of sex of foetuses. These laws must be enforced strictly to save our society from the grave dangers of female foeticide in the long run.

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